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Insecure work impacts everyone

Fewer rights at work, lower pay, no ability to plan for the future. 


Workers in this country used to have secure work they could count on. 


In the past few years, laws have been changed and workers’ rights have been removed. 


Big business has more power than ever to remove reliable work and force workers into unstable, insecure jobs.


If we don’t restore job stability soon, it will be too late,

Australia Needs a pay rise

Australian workers used to have stable, secure jobs, with reliable pay.


Too many have no security, fewer rights at work and lower pay, even though the cost of living keeps going up.



If we don’t restore job security soon it will be too late. Check out Nazish’s story, an early childhood educator from the ACT.


Australians need secure jobs and a pay rise. 

Job Insecurity didn't happen by accident

More than one in four workers in Australia are now in insecure work with no access to sick leave, annual leave or other basic entitlements. 

The Government can take action to restore job security for millions of workers. Stronger laws that protect workers’ security should be a workers’ right.

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To fix the wages crisis, Australia needs updated work and bargaining laws. The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill will help ease the cost-of-living crisis by closing loopholes that big, multinational companies use to game the system.

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